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Chasing the Surge

Life as a Travel Nurse in a Global Pandemic

Chanticleer Military & Front Line Awards First Place 
Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize Short List
Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention-Culture 
Nellie Bly Book Awards Journalistic NonFiction Finalist
Literary Titan Book Silver Award 

As seen on BBC World News, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS, and The Today Show, among others. 

“A sublime, personal account about the frightening Covid-19 surge.” -Kirkus Reviews

The fascinating story about life as a travel nurse, which is not easy under normal circumstances. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix. Learn how Grover Street navigates these unprecedented times in COVID hotspots in the USA with strength and grace while sharing important scientific facts about COVID-19 and the coronavirus vaccine,

“Chasing the Surge: Life as a Travel Nurse in a Global Pandemic is detailed, written in beautiful prose, and celebrating the courage of nurses. Grover Nicodemus Street R.N. provides strong insights into what it means to serve one’s country in a time of deepest need. The writing is filled with historical elements and the depressing experience of the Covid-19 pandemic is captured with ingenuity and, at times, grim humor. This book is the best thing I have read about the pandemic; a story that should be shared.” —Reader’s Favorite 


The Energy Inside Valsin’s Choices

Telly Award Remote Production

Telly Award Use of Stock Footage

People’s Telly Award

Pushcart Prize Nominated

Literary Titan Silver Award

This is a story of choices and consequences, big and small, which pulse into future lives. Nabella is a newcomer to New Orleans in 1862 just before the Union occupied the city. She becomes immersed in her new life in an exciting city at a most tumultuous time and is curious about her mysterious neighbor, Valsin. 

The energy of his choices is embroidered in his future lives and has transformative consequential impact on Nabella as well as all others around them.

‘The Energy Inside Valsin’s Choices’ is about the spiritual journey of Valsin to cleanse himself on all levels from his misdeeds. We travel with him around the globe and through centuries over his next ten lives to witness how he worked through his lives from darkness to light, which affected his evolutionary growth. It invites the reader to learn along with Valsin life lessons of the human spirit such as humility, purification, connection, cleansing, understanding love and pain, acceptance of loss,  necessity to learn, acceptance of suffering, simplicity and evolution.


Sassy Food

How to Grow and Cook Food with Your Own “Farm” Any Size/Anywhere/Any Time of Year with Any Budget

Eric Hoffer Award Gold Seal

Eric Hoffer Award – da Vinci Eye Cover Art Finalist

Pencraft Book Awards Nonfiction First Place

Reader’s Favorite NonFiction Cooking/Food Silver Medal

International Book Awards Best Interior Design Finalist

Literary Titan Gold Award

Ja-ne de Abreu shares how she spent the early part of the pandemic discovering how to grow food in Hawai’i. It was a great positive distraction to keep her 93-year old hanai mother and herself from getting depressed about having to stay home day after day after day. They focused on the constant changes around them. They grew enough to have something to add to their meals every day. Now she shares the empowerment of transformation of the power of choices with you.
She describes the basics of all  the ways to garden and bring green freshness into your life wherever you are in the world, any time of year on any budget. Also included in this luxurious photo book are double page spreads of mysterious forests of Hawai’i and Eve models. It is like a walk in the tropics while learning the myriad of ways to grow food. Harvest peace while you create your own edible jungle.