Ginger Power! Ginger Crumble!

One thing I do is cut thin slices of a large ginger root and make a strong tea. I add this to water and drink throughout the day. Sometimes I substitute or add lemon. It provides electrolytes while adding a pep.

The leftover ginger can be used in cooking but it’s usually too much. So I make ginger crumble. It’s my own invention. Take a less than one cup sugar, 1/4 c water and boil the ginger down until the water gets thick. I pour the thickened juice on a silicone mat and once cooled, it becomes ginger glass.

Continuing to cook the remaining water out of the pan, the ginger root will turn opaque instead of translucent. This changes the texture and is the magic of this recipe. Stir stir stir!!! The sugar will caramelize and spread it out on a silicone pad or wax paper. It will crumble and is so tasty! Eat it as is or use as a topping on… well, pancakes, ice cream, cake, anything you can think of! Let me know what you come up with.

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