This site combines my many loves of writing, growing food, cooking, and photography. Born in New Orleans with parents from Brazil provided a blend of Mardi Gras and Carnival. With samba in my blood and jazz in my upbringing, I am a spicy blend of the two. I love to tell stories in various mediums, for it is all a way to convey a message and exchange positive energy.

Human beings are here on earth to use the senses and I incorporate all of them in stories:

  • reading and listening to books
  • smelling and tasting gastronomic tales (or using my recipes as a launchpad for your own creations)
  • feeling, smelling, and tasting results from my “farm” (by seeds, plants, or food)
  • looking and listening to videos and photos

    Social distancing makes the world closer virtually! I’m speaking with many friends from around the world on a regular basis. Before the pandemic, we would catch up maybe once a year.

    Everyone around the world is invited to connect and share your stories with me.
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