Liquid Sunshine

Right now we could all use a dose of bright golden sun energy shining us from the inside out. The amounts of the ingredients are up to you and your taste.


Take a variety of citrus fruits (best organic) and wash them well.
Peel the rinds and set aside. If you want a more bitter taste include the white part.
Juice the fruits.
Place the rinds and juice in a pot and simmer.
Add slices of ginger.
Add honey
Simmer until thickened or 220 degrees.
Keep it in a jar in the fridge. Use a teaspoon with hot water as a tea. Spread on toast like marmalade. Drop a dollop over ice cream. If you make your own ice cream, swirl it in at the end when you are putting the ice cream in your container for the freezer and call it a sunshine ripple! The uses are almost endless.

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