Sassy Food Farms

An idea sprouted to share the joy created from farming the sassy way and now those ideas are in Sassy Food, a whimsical photo book to help you grow your own edible jungle wherever you are in the world. Sassy Food Farms is a group that shares growing food and ideas. Join our collective and be a sassy food farmer too!

I became an instant farmer March 2020 because of the global pandemic and wrote about it in Sassy Food. It is now a two first place book award winning book! I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific and any upset to shipping would be disastrous. After sharing photos of seedlings and ideas I had about planting on social media, a few friends reached out to me. They had the same ideas for the same reasons. We shared seeds, plants, and food (have you seen my gastronomic stories page?).  Bartering is thriving! And it’s fun to trade! Learn more on our Instagram page.   Share farming stories in the comments! Contact me for trading!

I love these vertical containers below. After extensive research I found it to be the best containers because it grows a LOT of food in the smallest amount of space! I love them so much, I became an affiliate, but not to earn money for myself. Any commissions earned will be donated to those in need with food, seeds, and plants. These amazing containers can grow over 30 plants—that’s a whole garden! See if they work for you!

Container camouflage!

Touching plants, seeing the daily changes, and eating along with sharing what I grow gives me much needed energy every day. I smile from the inside and it helps me immensely in my isolation in the pandemic. Maybe it will bring you peace too.